Years of Quality

History Waffelfabrik Findeisen

1930: Company Formation

Here, founded the 23-year-old Kurt Findeisen in Radebeul near Dresden, the company Waffelfabrik Findeisen, which is one of the most modern factories waffle today. At that time, the production of ice cream cones was more laborious. Hand crafted in pure iron and the ice cream cone was baked, then to be delivered to the hand carts on foot.

1960: Aligned in the West

Due to the increasingly difficult political situation, the family fled Findeisen over Berlin to West Germany. Once there, the family moved to Bremen. In the Stader Landstraße in Bremen-Nord, you quickly found a new home and could then begin production of ice cream cones again.

1961: Settlement in Bremen

In the spring of this year, the first fully automatic wafer baking machines, machines of the type MZA and RDA could be put into operation. The Waffle Factory Findeisen was continued as a family in Bremen-Nord.

1969: 2. Generation

After the company founder Kurt Findeisen died, the waffle factory was successfully continued by his children Mary, Rolf Findeisen and Reiner.

Up to 1971: Relocation to Uthlede

Over the years the company grew to such that the square in Bremen-Nord was no longer sufficient, and the family had to think about a change of location. After an intensive search proved successful in Uthlede. There, the old dairy was for sale. After a successful renovation, the Waffelfabrik Findeisen 1972 moved completely to enable Uthlede.

1972: Production in Uthlede

From 1972 was produced with increasing success in Uthlede machinery.

1980: 50th anniversary

This year, the 50th anniversary of the Waffelfabrik Findeisen was celebrated.

1987: Construction of a production hall

Due to acute shortage of space and a growing clientele larger production facilities were needed. The construction of a new and bright 1000 square meter hall was added in 1987 in order. This was then completed in 1988.

1999: Construction of Warehouse

In 1999, a large warehouse was added to the production hall. In the modern high bay warehouse, 2000 square pallets ice cream cones. The modern storage system an effective and efficient warehouse management could be practiced.

2000: 3. Generation

Transfer of the business to the third generation. Oliver Findeisen and Michael Hasler in the third generation of management now takes over the family to lead the waffle factory successfully.

2009 BIO-Certification

In April 2009, the BIO-Certification is implemented under strict conditions until today.

2012: Withdrawal M. Häsler

In September, Michael Hasler retires as CEO of Waffelfabrik Findeisen. Immediately Oliver Findeisen leads as the sole representative of the business of the Waffelfabrik Findeisen.

2013: Sole corporate leadership by Oliver Findeisen

Oliver Findeisen at the top of the company has specifically developed European markets. Today in the season about 50 staff are employed to ensure the production of the most advanced wafer baking machines.

2016 IFS-Food-Certification

In December 2016, the IFS-Food-Certification is implemented under strict conditions until today.

2017: Completion of the new warehouse

In summer 2017, our new 2000qm warehouse was completed. This can accommodate 3500 Euro pallets. The investment was co-financed by the European Union from the structural fund ERDF "European Regional Development Fund".